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BTR-50PK (AAR221)

Includes one BTR-50PK armoured personnel carrier

The BTR 50PK is a Soviet amphibious armoured personnel carrier based off of the PT-76. Unlike other BTR models the BTR-50PK is tracked instead of wheeled. The transport itself can carry up to twenty fully equipped men.

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The Soviet doctrine called for the BTR-50PK to be used with PT-76 in rapid, uninterrupted advances, so the reconnaissance elements were expected to move forward at speed until engaged.  This doctrine was also adopted by the Arab force. If worse came to worst, the destruction of the scout company would at least alert the following troops to the presence of a strong defensive position.

These companies combine tanks for firepower and infantry in light BTR-50PK transporters to lead the advance. If the company ran into anti-tank guns, the infantry platoon could dismount and assault to clear the way forward, covered by their transporters and the tanks.

Designed by Allen Evan
Painted by Casey Davies


The BTR-50PK in Fate Of A Nation
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