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BTR-152 (AAR211)

Includes one BTR-152 Armoured Personnel Carrier and four Seated Passenger figures

The development of the BTR-152 was a direct result of the Red Army’s experiences during the Second War World. Utilising joint infantry and tank tactics against the Germans, Soviet commanders found that casualties amongst the infantry were especially high due to the lack of an armoured personnel carrier that was able to keep pace with the advancing tanks. As a consequence, the BTR-152 was amongst the first vehicles developed at the conclusion of the Second World War. 

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Based on the ZiS-151 truck chassis, the first prototype of the BTR-152 were completed in 1947 but lacked the desired level of mobility as a direct result of the five tons of additional armour added to the vehicle. After a few tweaks to the design, the BTR-152 was accepted for service. The BTR-152 first saw combat in the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and later during the Six-Day War with the forces of the United Arab Republic.

The vehicle was of all-welded construction with armour ranging from 15mm thick on the front to 9mm on the side; enough to provide protection from small arms fire and shell fragments but offered little protection against anything heavier. 

In the 1967 war, Egyptian mechanised forces used both the BTR-60 eight-wheeled, and BTR-152 six-wheeled Soviet armoured personnel carriers to provide mobility to their infantry. In the 1973 war, several mechanised brigades continued to use the older wheeled vehicles as the BMP had not fully supplanted the BTR in service. In both wars, the mechanised forces represent a strong combined arms force, with integral Anti-tank and Anti-aircraft assets including the capable AT-3 “Sagger” anti-tank missile and SA-7 SAMs.

Designed by Allen Evan
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie

The BTR-152

The BTR-152 in Fate Of A Nation
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