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37mm AA Company (AAR540)

Includes three 37mm AA guns with crew, three six-hole large bases, three resin sandbag strips and one base plug sprue.

Soviet doctrine emphasises camouflage and deception when setting up defensive positions. Their gun positions are carefully concealed so as not to be visible until they open fire at point-blank range. The UAR followed these tactics carefully when setting up their defensive positions.

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Despite their aggressive rhetoric, the United Arab Republic was deployed defensively when the Israelis attacked. Their front-line infantry divisions were in fortified positions. The infantry battalions, Kateybat Moshaa (pronouncedĀ kah-teebat moh-shaa) in Arabic, were entrenched behind barbed wire and minefields, ready they believed, to see off any attack.

Designed by Evan Allen and Karl Cederman
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The 37mm AA gun

The 37mm AA gun in Fate Of A Nation
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