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Mechanised Platoon (AJO722)

Includes one Automatic rifle team (Formation HQ), seven Rifle/MG teams, one Super Bazooka team, one Light Mortar team, two two-hole small plastic bases, two three-hole small plastic bases and six four-hole medium plastic bases.

The Jordanian mechanised infantry, called Meshah Meykaneykeyh (pronounced moo-shaht mee-kan-ik-ee-a) in Arabic, were mounted in modern American M113 armoured personnel carriers. 

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Their uniforms and equipment were largely Second World War surplus from British stocks, although their rifle was the M1 Garand and their anti-tank weapon the M20 Super Bazooka from the United States.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Victor Pesch

The Mechanised Platoon

Automatic rifle team (Formation HQ)

Rifle/MG team

Light Mortar team

Super Bazooka team

The Mechanised Platoon in Fate Of A Nation
Unit Cards for the Mechanised Platoon are contained in the Jordanian Unit Card Pack (AJO901)…