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Mortar Platoon (AJO725)

Includes four 4.2 Inch Mortar or two 81mm mortar teams, two four-hole medium plastic bases, four six-hole medium plastic bases and one plastic insert sprue.

The Ordnance Muzzle Loading 4.2” mortar was first developed by the British during World War Two to supplement the exciting stocks of 2” and 3” mortars. The ML 4.2” mortar served the British forces well during the war and it continued to serve well into the post-war years with both British Army and numerous foreign nations around the world. One such nation was Jordan, who fielded the ML 4.2″ mortar against the Israeli Defence Force during the Six-Day War.

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The Jordanians used both the Royal Ordnance ML 3-inch mortar and the M29 American 81mm mortar. Many examples of these medium mortars were incorporated into defences where
they could provide useful support against opposing infantry.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The 4.2 Inch Mortar

The Mortar Platoon in Fate Of A Nation
Unit Cards for the Mortar Platoon are contained in the Jordanian Unit Card Pack (AJO901)…