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155mm Field Battery (AJO570)

Includes three 155mm Howitzers and crew, one Observation Team, one two-hole small plastic base, three six-hole large plastic bases and two plastic base insert sprues

The Jordanians were in the process of equipping several battalions with American M114 155mm howitzers when the war broke out. 

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Despite its new name, the howitzer is the same as the old M1 155mm howitzer that American troops used in WWII. The remainder of the Jordanian artillery was equipped with old British Ordnance Quick Firing 25 pdr guns. Despite its age, the gun still performed its job well, delivering a high volume of fire to silence targets and break up enemy attacks.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie

The 155mm Howitzer

The 155mm Field Battery in Fate Of A Nation 
Unit Cards for the 155mm Field Battery are contained in the Jordanian Unit Card Pack (AJO901)…