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IS-3M Assembly Guide (AARBX01)

Step 1. Begin assembly of the IS-3M by attaching the tracks to each side of the hull.

1b & c. Each track has been keyed to correspond with a particular side of the hull; this aids in ensuring the correct orientation of the tracks when assembling the miniature.

1d & e. Attaching the tracks to the hull of the IS-3M.

Step 2a. Next, attach the main gun to the gun mantlet.

2b. The main gun attached to the turret.

Step 3a. Attach the turret hatch to the top of the turret.

3b. Turret hatch in place.

Step 4a. Next, attach the .50 cal AA MG to the rear of the turret.

4b. The .50 cal AA MG attached to the rear of the turret.

Step 5a. Attach the smoke canisters to the rear of the hull using the recesses shown in the image below.

5b. A smoke canister attached successfully to the rear of the IS-3M hull.

5c. Adding the second smoke canister to the rear of the hull of the IS-3M.

Step 6a. Next, attach the external fuel tanks to the edges of the engine deck of the IS-3M.

6b,c & d. The external fuel tanks added to both sides of the IS-3M hull.

With the external fuel tanks attached; the IS-3M is now fully assembled.