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Magach Tank Platoon (AISBX01)

Includes two Magach tanks with options for both the 105mm and 90mm guns

In its on-going quest for more and better tanks, Israel managed to acquire more than a hundred M48A1and M48A2C tanks from West Germany and the United States. These were codenamed Magach (Battering Ram). The Centurion’s suspension was thought more suitable for the rocky ground in central and northern Israel, so the Magach was assigned to Southern Command for operations in the Sinai Desert where its greater speed and range proved useful.

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Having upgraded their Centurions with 105mm L7 guns, the Israelis started experimenting with upgunning their Magach 2 tanks as well. By the time of the Six-Day War, they had a company of Magach 3 fitted with the 105mm gun and ready for combat. These were found to be far more effective than the older 90mm guns against the Arabs’ heavily armoured T-55 and IS-3 tanks.

Jordan’s armoured brigades used the same American M48 Patton tanks (armed with a 90mm gun) as their Israeli foes. Since the Jordanians mainly faced up-gunned Shermans and AMX light tanks, they usually outmatched the Israelis on a tank-for-tank basis.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Chris Townley

Magach 2 (90mm)

Magach 3 (105mm)

Magach 2 & 3 Turrets

The Magach Tank Platoon in Fate Of A Nation
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