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Mech Platoon (AIS722)

Includes one Uzi SMG team, seven FN FAL teams, two FN MAG teams, one 60mm mortar team, two Blindicide AT teams, eight four-hole medium bases, two three-hole small bases, two two-hole small bases and one plastic base insert sprue.

The motorised infantry, called Ch’ir Mamochan (pronounced kh‑eer mah-moh-khahn) in Hebrew, accompanied the tanks into battle, clearing built-up areas and fortified positions. Their main weapons were the Belgian FN FAL rifle (used both as a rifle and, in its heavy-barrelled form, as a squad automatic weapon) and the FN MAG machine-gun. Each platoon had a British 52mm (2”) light mortar, a number of Belgian RL-83 Blindicide (‘Armour Killer’) bazookas, and plenty of powerful Belgian Mecar anti-tank rifle grenades.

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The Israeli Army uses the FN FAL as both its standard rifle and (in its heavy-barrelled form) as its squad automatic weapon. This gives the riflemen the ability to maintain their firepower on the move and deliver intense bursts of fire at short range.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Victor Pesch

The Mech Platoon

Uzi SMG Formation HQ

FN FAL Unit Leader

FN FAL team

FN MAG team

Blindicide AT team

60mm Mortar team

The Mech Platoon in Fate Of A Nation
Unit Cards for the Mech Platoon are contained in the Israeli Unit Card Pack (AIS901)…