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Sayur Jeep (AIS411)

Includes two Sayur Jeeps with crew. 

The Jeep was one on the most iconic vehicles of the Second World War and produced in such numbers that its service continued well into the post-war years.

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The M38A1 would eventually make it into the inventories of armed forces all over the globe, including those of the Israel during the 1960s. These examples were used in numerous roles from reconnaissance to simple transports in both armed and unarmed variations. Despite their lack of protection, the jeep-mounted Sayeret (Special forces) showed little reluctance in fighting their way through enemy positions as they patrolled ahead of Israeli advances.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie

The Sayur Jeep

The Sayur Jeep in Fate Of A Nation
Unit Cards for the Sayur Jeep are contained in the Israeli Unit Card Pack (AIS901)…