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Mirage Fighter Flight (AISBX13)

Includes two Mirage aircraft, one Flight Stand with Tall Flight Stand Add-on, two Rare-earth magnets and two Decal sheets.

With the success of Operation Moked during the opening stages of the Six-Day War; Dassault Aviation couldn’t have paid for a better advertisement of their Mirage III CJ (also known as the Shahak or Skyblazer in Hebrew to the Israelis).

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Developed during the 1950s, it was the first European-built fighter designed to exceed Mach 2 during horizontal flight. Eager to attract potential buyers, Dassault invited members of the Israeli Air Force (or IAF) to visit their factory; test the new aircraft and provide feedback. And with the addition of the MiG-21 to the Arab arsenal, Israel placed an order for the Mirage in 1959. Seventy Mirage III CJ fighters were delivered to the Israelis between April 1962 and July 1964.

While the French version of the Mirage was designed to intercept high-level bombers, the Israeli requirements were for a tactical fighter interceptor and therefore contained more fuel tanks and two DEFA cannons. The Mirages of the IAF were best known for their performance during Operation Moked; the pre-emptive strike on Arab airfields with the intent of destroying the Arab air force on the ground.

Despite the success of Moked, the Mirage performed admirably during the remainder of the war; downing a further forty-eight Arab aircraft that had survived the initial airfield attacks. With the threat of the Arab airforces largely neutralised the Israeli army was able to rely on regular ground support from their high-flying cousins.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Chris Townley

The Mirage

The Mirage Fighter Flight in Fate Of A Nation
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