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M3 (90mm) (AIS122)

Includes one M3 (90mm) half-track with crew

Each infantry battalion in the Israeli Defence Force (or IDF) had an anti-tank platoon, and each brigade an anti-tank company, equipped with either half-tracked anti-tank guns or recoilless anti-tank guns mounted on jeeps. These protected the infantry from enemy tanks, freeing the Israeli tanks to continue the offensive while the infantry mopped up.

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Such an example of these types of vehicles was the M3 (90mm) DEFA half-track. Mounting the French-made CN-90-F1 gun in the fighting compartment of the M3 half-track; the CN-90-F1 fired a fin-stabilised HEAT (or High Explosive; Anti-tank) projectile capable of penetrating nearly any tank on the battlefield.

Not only was it an excellent deterrent against tanks but it also had the mobility and speed to keep pace with the advancing mechanised infantry.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie

The M3 (90mm)

The M3 (90mm) in Fate Of A Nation
Unit Cards for the M3 (90mm) are contained in the Israeli Unit Card Pack (AIS901)…