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Assembling the ZSU-23-4 AA Company

Step 1. Begin assembly by adding the tracks. there are left/right indicators on the back of each track to ensure they are put on the correct way.

Step 1c. Left and right tracks attached.

Step 2. Next glue the radar dish onto the top of the turret. There are two small notches towards the rear that the radar mount will fit into.

Step 3. The cannon assembly comes in two pieces. There are three small bumps and corresponding divots to ensure the two halves are positioned correctly.

Step 3c. The cannon halves glued together correctly

Step 4. Glue the cannon mount into the front of the turret. You’ll notice there are small notches on one side of the guns. These should be facing down.

Step 5. Next place the turret into the body of your ZSU-23-4 Shilka and you’re done!

The Finished ZSU-23-4 AA Shilka