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PT-76 Scout Platoon (AARBX16)

Includes three PT-76 light tanks

Originally designed as an amphibious light tank, the PT-76 started its service in the early 1950s. The tank itself became the Soviet standard reconnaissance tank. The PT-76 was widely exported and found homes in many nations’ armies including Egypt and thus The United Arab Republic.

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The Soviet doctrine called for the PT-76 to be used in rapid, uninterrupted advances, so the reconnaissance elements were expected to move forward at speed until engaged. This doctrine was also adopted by the United Arab Republic. It mounts a 76.2mm gun capable of taking on older medium tanks, but should only engage heavier armour as a last resort. The vehicle was put to greatest effect crossing the Great Bitter Lake with the Egyptian 130th Marine Brigade in the latter conflict. If worse came to worst, the destruction of the scout company would at least alert the following troops to the presence of a strong defensive position.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Casey Davies

The PT-76

The PT-76 in Fate Of A Nation
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